Modernes Orchester TuS Syke

Das sinfonische Blasorchester im Raum Bremen.


Das Moderne Orchester 2010

Foto 2010: Fotostudio Strohmeyer

The Modernes Orchester TuS Syke is a symphonic wind band in Syke, a small town near Bremen. It is composed of around 60 musicians, predominantly amateurs, from the Bremen region and North West Germany.

Sabine Rosenbrock conducts the orchestra since its founding in 1992. We play a diverse repertoire of music, covering a wide range of styles. This includes popular music, jazz, music from films and musicals, classics, as well as more demanding works written specifically for wind band. Our passion is to create exceptional musical performances.

  • If you would like to have a more detailed look at our repertoire, here is for example the content of our CD.
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